The Jump-O-Lene
(And other Inflatable Jumpers)

The Jump-O-Lene is a heavy-duty inflatable trampoline. Aside from puncturing with a sharp object, the jump-o-lene does not "pop". Superdairyboy has had all of the jump-o-lenes set up and in use on gravel with children jumping in them, seeing hard use with no problems.
(The Bouncing Teddy does not seem to be as sturdy, as we've had problems with the one we've used.)

If you order a defective jump-o-lene (one that doesn't hold air when blown up for the first time) from us, it may be returned for a replacement or refund - no hassles. See the FAQ page for details.

The Jump-O-Lene provides hours of bouncing fun for children, and as a bonus, gets them to stop jumping on the bed!

JOL Jump N Gym
The Original

  • 82 inches (7 ft) in diameter
  • 28 Inches Tall
  • Has a built-in ledge for sitting or playing
  • Fill it with Fun Ballz to Make a Ball Pit!!!
  • For ages 3-6
  • Holds up to 120Lbs
  • For 1 or 2 Children

The Original is Superdairyboy's favorite Jump-O-Lene! This is also the largest Jump-O-Lene.

  • 72 inches (over 6 ft) in diameter
  • Over 4 feet tall
  • Has 7 inflatable rings(2 With Rattlers) that make noise when jiggled
  • Has a crawl-through door so that it is a playhouse when turned up-side-down
  • For ages 3-6
  • Holds up to 120Lbs
  • For 1-2 Children
This is the Jump-O-Lene for you if you are looking for high sides. The jumping area is not quite as large as the Original, but it is close. This Jump-O-Lene also makes an inflatable playhouse when turned upside down - the opening in the front serves as a door.


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