Baby Toy Items

We have a small selection of toys that are exclusively for babies and toddlers. Many of our other toys, particularly the inflatable toys, are also great for babies and toddlers, as well as for older children, so we have put them in their own category and not included them here.

Inflatable Baby Gym
Soft Sides My First Gym
  • For ages 18 months and younger
  • Can Be used inside and outside
  • 54 1/2in Diameter, 43 1/2in Tall
  • Has 2 hanging spin toys (with rattle balls inside) for baby to play with
  • Has squealers in the floor make fun noises
  • The bottom inflates for soft cushioning
  • Top is removable so baby can lay on the floor under it and bat at toys
  • The sides are transparent so Baby and Parents can see through to each other

Baby Puzzles
Baby Puzzles

5 Themes to choose from:

People Who Help Us

Each set comes with 4 2-piece puzzles.

Ages 18m +


Galt Baby Puzzles

click clack caterpillar tower
Click Clack Caterpillar

from i Play toys

2 sided click-clack track with balls (2), weighted eggs (2), and linked bug cars (2). Flashing lights and sounds are actifated by the objects rolling down the tracks. (The lights and sounds can be turned off if desired.)

This is a very sturdy, well-built toy.
Stands about 20 inches tall.

Ages 12 months and up

Out of Stock

i play flash beat drum
Flash Beat Drum

from i Play toys
A Dr. Toy award winner!

This first drum has colofrul lights and 2 modes of play. (background music, drum sounds, or funny sounds)

Plays music as it rolls on the floor - great for pre-walkers.

The drum has volume control and on/off switch.

This is another sturdy, well-built toy.

Ages 12 months and up

$19.99 + $7 S&H

Frog in A Box
Frog In A Box

Frog in a Box puts a surprising twist on the traditional jack-in-the-box. For one thing, it is easy for little hands to manipulate. Lift the lily-pad lid and POP! Out jumps the frog. Read that again: The soft bean-frog jumps OUT of the box. (It is connected by a cord, so it cannot get lost.)

This is one of the best baby toys we've seen. And best of all, is the padding is all removable for washing! The lilly pad top makes a crinkley noise when touched.

Frog in A Box has won the "good toy award".

Ages 9 months and up

Fun Blocks
Fun Blocks

Soft hinged cubes to make a tumbling picture puzzle. Twist and turn the colourful blocks to give 12 different animal pictures. Designed to encourage manipulative skills, the 8 foam-filled blocks are connected with fabric hinges and feature a rattle in one block. Progress to following the path and counting the animals in the number 1 to 12 pictures. Soft, safe and machine washable.

The blocks are easy for small finger to manipulate.

Ages 9 months and up.