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We are big fans of the Thomas the Tank Engine here. Why do we like Thomas the Tank so much? There are a few reasons.

1. Memory. Superdairyboy himself, when growing up, had an large amount wooden track like Thomas the Tank Engine track. It was one of his favorite toys. He     would spend hours putting it together just right, and then leave it up for days. (thanks, Mom!)

2. Interest. Our children love Thomas. Thomas the Tank Engine is one toy in our house that has never been put up in the attic. It always stays out, because they never become tired of playing with their Thomas the Tank Engine wooden track system.

3. The Stories. Thomas the Tank Engine stories are good, wholesome stories, written to entertain children without the "junk" that is in much of our entertainment today.

4. Quality. Thomas the Tank Engine track and accessories are high quality, built with solid wood beautiful detail. We love it!

5. Versatility. The large amount of engines, cars, and accessories makes any Thomas the Tank Engine set something that can be added to again and again!

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