Create Your Own Marble Run -

Wall Coaster!

Create your Own Marble Run with the Wall Coaster

Create Your Own Marble Run Parts

Designed by an 11 year old boy, the Wall Coaster is a truly innovative learning toy. With over 16 feet of track, you can create your own marble run again and again in endless varities!

This is one marble run we "had to have". It brings out true creativity, letting the designer (YOU!) do whatever you want with its versitile pieces! Create a masterpiece.

This is for kids ages 5 and up, but we would add that it is geared more toward "older" users. At Superdairyboy, we would recommend this great toy for ages 7-12, because of the careful attention to details that has to be made when small fingers are putting the pieces together!


5 - 4" coaster tracks
15 - 10" coaster tracks
4 - 6" coaster tubes
4 - coaster retention bands
8 - specially designed lightweight crystal marbles (glow in the dark!)
1 - package of reusable non-marking coaster tack

Buy 2 sets and combine for even MORE "Create-Your-Own" fun!

Made in the USA!

$18.99 + $8 S&H