Marble Run Sets

A marble runs is a great thinking toy. Children will learn to align pieces correctly for the marble to roll down the run. A marble run is educational and fun! The Super Marble Run by Galt provides hours of quality play time. All of the Galt sets on this page have pieces that work interchangeably with each other.

other marble
Other Marble Runs

Galt Marble Run
Marble Run

24 brightly colored pieces in 4 different shapes to slot together into marble run. Children will enjoy devising a variety of routes for the marbles to roll along as they descend to a home base. 6 marbles included.

30 Total Pieces
Ages 4-8

includes shipping

super marble run
Super Marble Run

An intriguing construction set comprising of 9 chutes, 9 curves , 24 tubes, 6 bases, snake pass , rotary drop , paddle wheel, roundabout and 8 marbles . Children can create small, simple marble runs or more complex structures with the colorful slot together plastic pieces. The marbles will disappear inside the columns, roll down the chutes, through the spinning wheel and around the roundabout. For many hours of fun, building a variety of challenging and fascinating alternatives.

60 Total Pieces
Ages 4-8

includes shipping
Galt Marble Racer (80 pieces)
Marble Racer

This set comes equipped with the ability to race marble simultaneously down the chute. The set contains 1 starter top, 1 starter base, finish, 3 racing vortex, 4 chutes, 37 tubes, 4 bases, a wiggly chute with a bell, staircase, staircase support, curved chute with horizontal wheel, paddle wheel, vertical wheel chute, 'S' shaped chute and 20 solid colored racing marbles.

includes shipping