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K'Nex Electronic Arcade

Build your own arcade! Electronic sound, sensors and scoring let you play solo or against a friend! Then customize for new building and playing challenges.

Electronic sensors and scoreboard
Motorized ball lift
Builds are over 3 feet long
Real arcade sounds
multi-player scoreboard
Psycho spinner
Sturdy legs and base
Electronic Flippers you control
Sound Module
982 pieces

Instructions included explain how to build PINBALL and SPEEDBALL. (a flipper game - try to get the ball in the opponent's goal)

With the ELECTRONIC ARCADE, you can build, customize and play exciting arcade games:

With the PINBALL game, you can build a giant tabletop pinball game, complete with real sounds and an electronic scoreboard for 1 or 2-player game play. You control the flippers and rack up points by firing the ball into the electronic sensors. Watch out for the "Psycho Spinner" in the middle of the board - it'll fire your ball in random directions.

With the SPEEDBALL game, build a giant flipper game and play against your friends. Each side of the field has a set of flippers to control. The objective: Be the first to score 10 goals. The electronic scoreboard keeps track of who's winning. And because you build it, you can customize the game board any way you want, make chutes, obstacles and more! The instructions give 8 ideas to get you started!
Recommended for ages 10 and up. Requires 4 C batteries, which are not included.

Please Note: Only one game can be built at a time.

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