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All-terrain skating is poised to become the next mega sports fitness craze. Think of it as a combination of mountain biking, skiing, and in-line skating packed into a single experience.

As a fitness activity, all-terrain skating has a tremendous appeal to a large cross-section of recreational sports enthusiasts including: downhill and cross country skiers. water skiers, snowboarders, in-line skaters, roller skaters, mountain bikers, runners and hikers.

The TrailSkate™ all-terrain skate is an evolutionary leap in the advancement of human powered sports. They are easy to ride...and a whole lot of fun.

Gate Skate

  1. Precision molded lightweight aluminum wheels.
  2. 8-inch (200mm) high-pressure pneumatic tires (similar to mountain bike tires) that provide a smooth ride on rough surfaces.
  3. Clamshell boot-binding system that fits easily over the user's shoes and is quickly secured with independent ratcheting binding latches and straps for comfort and stability.
  4. Precision crafted flexible composite chassis provides a lightweight ski-like platform with a low-center of gravity delivering greater stability than traditional in-line skates.
  5. One-hand stopping power (using a single lever that simultaneously actuates the hydraulic drum brakes located in the rear wheel of each skate) allows users to easily control speed and stop efficiently.