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MBS® Ambush Scout™
Mountain Board

This is the perfect mountain board for young riders looking to try out the new sport of mountainboarding. Complete with MBS Foot clips and a completely installed brake system this mountain board lets junior riders explore every terrain from grass hills to BMX tracks. Take the brake off, add FreeFlex™ bindings and it becomes an awesome freestyle mountain board. This is a great versatile mountain board for junior riders.

Length: 98cm
Board Weight 12lb
Axle Width 14.5in
7in Tires.

Recommended Rider Weight
50-100 lb.

MBS Ambush ™ Trucks:
Lightweight, on-the-fly, skate key adjustment dials the truck suspension to exact tension. Includes wrench and hex key. 14.5" width - 3/8" diameter axles.

MBS Ambush Foot Clips
Simple and safe. Easy in and out
 Great for learning.

Mini Knob Tread 7in Tire
Great traction.
MBS Ambush 5 Spoke Hubs
One piece. Smaller radius
for junior riders.

MBS V-Brake System
Build confidence while learning. Handy for extreme terrain.
MBS Ambush Wooden Deck
Built strong for all-terrain use.

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