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Jeep CJ5
Jeep CJ-5 Action
Mountain Board

This is the perfect mountain board for young riders looking to try out the new sport of mountainboarding. Complete with FreeFlex™ bindings and a completely installed brake system this mountain board lets junior riders explore every terrain from grass hills to BMX tracks. Take the brake off and it becomes an awesome freestyle mountain board. This is a great versatile mountain board for junior riders.

Length: 98cm
Board Weight 12lb
Axle Width 14.5in
7in Tires.

Recommended Rider Weight
50-100 lb.

MBS FreeFlex™ Bindings:
Easy-in, easy-out binding with adjustable top strap to
 maximize control

MBS Ambush ™ Trucks:
Lightweight, on-the-fly, skate key adjustment dials the truck suspension to exact tension. Includes wrench and hex key. 14.5" width - 3/8" diameter axles.

Mini Knob Tread 7" Tires
 Great traction.

Tri-Spoke Hubs
Lightweight. Extra strength.

V-Brake System
Build confidence while learning. Handy for extreme terrain.

Wooden Deck
Built strong for all-terrain.


(Includes Shipping to the 48 States)
Special Upgrade Deal
Upgrade includes Complete Jeep CJ5 as above
Plus the Options Below.

Free Flex Bindings
Cobra Coil Leash

Upgrade Price $189.99