Air Burst Rockets

Get you Air Burst Rockets from Superdairyboy, where toys are kid-tested!

Air Burst Rocket

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Air Burst Rockets

Have a blast with the air burst rockets!

Rockets are air-powered, and fly up to 1000 feet high!

The greatest thing about the Air Burst Rockets is that they are so inexpensive. Forget about buying those expensive rocket engines with only 3 in a pack... get 60 extra booster disks for only $5!

Safer than traditional rockets.

Air Burst Rocket System
(Does NOT include a bike pump)
$32.99 (includes shipping)
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Standard Bike Pump
$21.99 (includes shipping)
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Extra Air Burst Boosters (60)
$4.99 (includes shipping)
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Extra Air Burst Rockets (2)
$9.99 (includes shipping)
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