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PoweriZers are a new product being manufactured in China.
PoweriZers are jumping stilts which give the user the ability to jump up to 6 feet in the air, and take running strides of up to 9 feet!

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The PoweriZer is no longer available under that name. Check out the Flying Jumper for the new, identical product.

Adult Powerizer
Adult Model PoweriZers

Choose the model PoweriZer the best suits your weight.

Yes, there is some play in user weights - a slightly heavier or lighter person can use the same pair of PoweriZer as you. Users on the heavier side of the spectrum will find the PoweriZer stilts to be more "springy" underneath them with each step, and they may not be able to jump as high. Users on the lighter side will find the PoweriZers to be stiffer underneath them, but they will have better jumping abilities. Do not choose a PoweriZer model that is too high for you, because then you will have a hard time flexing the spring.

$359.99+$30 S&H

professional powerizer
Adult Model PoweriZers

Choose the model PoweriZer the best suits your weight.

The professional model carrys all of the same featurs as the adult model powerisers, with the addition of:

- a new axle to footplate to make it roate with your ankle's movement
(makes it more natural to walk, run, and jump)

- nylon strap instead of plastic

- more durable rubber stopper at base that is easier to replace

- lightweight aluminum alloy footplate instead of plastic footbed

$459.99 + $30 S&H

Flying Jumper

As with any recreational sport product, Powerizers can be dangerous! Any injury received while using Powerizers is not the responsibility of Superdairyboy. Use at your own risk.

Please use responsibly.