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Be Advised that any injury or death gotten while using Powerisers is not the responsibility of Superdairyboy. Use these at your own risk.

We accept credit card orders via phone: 1-888-738-6869
 kids powerisers

Children's Model Poweriser:

The Kids' model Powerisers allow users from 60 to 130 pounds to jump up to 3 1/2 feet in the air.

Running races, jumping rope, hopping around -- all are MUCH more fun with the Powerisers on! Great exercise for children of all ages.

Please Note: The child size model gives the user the ability to jump up to 3 1/2 feet. (not 6 ft)

  Please allow a 3-5 week lead time for Children's Powerisers.

Your color choice is not gauranteed.

shipping included!

standard poweriser 
Adult Model Powerisers:

The clasic adult model Powerisers give users from 110 lbs to 265 lbs the ability to jump up to 6 feet in the air and take running strides of up to 9 feet in length.

Powerisers are for the average athletically-inclined person AND the professional circus performer!
Incredible basketball slam dunks, amazing flips, breath-taking heights -- all are made possible with the

SALE! $299.99!
shipping included!

advanced model poweriser
Professional Model Poweriser:


- comfortable detatchable knee cuffs, form to individual user's knees and allow the poweriser to be taken off with ease

- wider, stronger binding

- aluminum knee cap holder

- Also: special connection sets, sliding bearing, strengthened foot-mounting plates, self-locking nuts, new knee-mounting plate system with stretcher bennefits, strengthened assembly of rubber buffers, new feather/spring shroud

SALE! $399.99!
shipping included!

Flying Jumper

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