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The Kitewing Skimbat is an incredible personal wing sail. Enjoy the Kitewing Skimbat with extreme skating sports FUN by lacing up those skates. OR use your Kitewing Skimbat with a pair of skies, a snowboard (winter months), a mountainboard, Dirtsurfer, or even a pair of roller blades! (summer months) Once you learn how to get it up above your head, the skimbat is easy to learn: Just use it! While still gretting comfortable with sailing along, the kitewing skimbat can be easily put down into "neutral" if you get nervous about speed. As you learn better how to control the skimbat, you will be able to control your speed, turn, jump, and glide! The skimbat is best used in 10-15 MPH steady winds. 

As with all sports, using the Skimbat has risks. Superdairyboy is not responsible for any injuries. 

The Skimbat comes in a durable zippered bag for storage and easy transportation. Setup takes about 10-15 minutes.

Kitewing Mach 3.8
Kitewing Mach 3.8 Logo

Kitewing IV8 Monofilm
Kitewing IV8 Logo
Mach 3.8

The Kitewing Mach 3.8 was developed for the shorter riders and for the hard wind enthusiasts. The wing has 90 cm less wingspan than the IV8 and RAGE 55, which makes the handling easier for shorter persons.
The wing is also fun for the heavier riders in extreme conditions, such as over 20 m/s winds on a slippery surface.
 The Mach 3.8 Comes in Dacron

Dacron Mach 3.8
Includes Shipping to the 48 states

Out of Stock

Kitewing IV8

Kitewing IV8 dacron [ai:vee:eight] gives incredible acceleration and speed with no loss in handling or control. For experienced users, this 4,8 m2 wing is the tool to make incredible jumps, tricks and great airtime.
The dacron wing is less sensitive, it is easy to assemble and disassemble

Monofilm IV8
Includes Shipping to the 48 states

$1354.99, includes shipping

Dacron IV8

Includes Shipping to the 48 states
$1274.99, includes shipping

Skimbat Monofilm

Skimbat Dacron dirtsurfer
Kitewing Rage55
Kitewing Rage55 Logo

Kitewing Rage55+
Kitewing Rage55+ Logo

Kitewing Rage 55

Kitewing RAGE 55 offers that little extra for heavy weight riders and for the ones who live in areas with less wind. RAGE 55 is designed to work well in the lower wind registers and to boost airtime to the maximum.
It uses the same frame as the IV8, which makes it possible to easily upgrade your IV8 to a RAGE 55. Call for Pricing on a Rage55 sail.

Rage55 Monofilm
Includes Shipping to the 48 states


Rage 55+

The RAGE 55+ is for those who like a wing with quick handling and more power. This wing includes 30% carbon composite front tubes combined with a fiberglass reinforced cross tube.
The result is an even more powerful and durable wing that is used by all of our team riders.

Rage 55+
Includes Shipping to the 48 states

Out of Stock

Kitewing Comparison Chart

Skimbat Kitewings are warrented for 1 Year.
All Replacement Parts are Avaliable. Please contact us with your request.