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Please note that the terms "Kitewing" and "Skimbat" are used interchangably

The Kitewing is an ultra light hand-held wing. Kitewings were developed by young people who just wanted to have fun. Kitewing is an action gear for anybody with the right attitude. The attitude is there are no limits. No limits as to what gear you use and where you use it. In-line skates, skateboard, dirtsurf or mountainboard. On the beach, backcountry, field, road, parking lot or urban street. Skis. snowboard. ice-skates. On frozen lakes, frozen canals, frozen sea, skiing hills or on packed snow.
Whatever or wherever. Any cool gear or any open flat surface is great. The only limit is your mind.
Measured speeds up to 62MPH.
Incredible turns and maneuvers
You jibe, tack or ride towards the wind without difficulty. With the right wind you can even ride up the hill.
Incredible jumps and tricks.

Experienced riders today jump 65-100 feet long. This was only possible after somebody made the first jump with the gear. He did it on flatland just by trying it out once. Now the record in mountain conditions stands at 291.5 meters. Then somebody did 360 degrees. With the skis. By imaging it first and the trying it out.

Kitewing is developed by users themselves .This is why it works. And this is why it is so easy to use by anybody anywhere. The balanced design enables immediate feel for the wind and controlled handling. Without any lines or launching aid. One can learn it in just a few hours.

Kitewing Comparison Chart