Toys that Fly Through the Air

The X-zylo, Air Burst Rocket, Maple Seed Copter, and Hang Glider Jack below are all made by the William Mark Corporation. All of their toys are
 MADE IN THE USA! The X-Zylo Ultra is one of the most popular items in Superdairyboy's store! Check it out below!

  X-Zylo Ultra
x-zylo ultra

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X-Zylo Ultra 

The X-zylo Ultra is an incredible flying gyroscope that has been thrown over 200 yards! It has one of the longest and most unique flights of any thrown object - the ultimate game of catch! Rated the best flying toy in an MIT University field test.

Superdairyboy's comments: A wonderful product that flies incredible distances. Throw it like a football; the spin is what gives it the long flight. It does take some practice to get it right.

$10.49 (includes shipping)
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Air Rider X-Zylo

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X-Zylo Air Rider

The X-zylo Air Rider was created for fascinating flight patterns and ease of throwing. Just whip the Air Rider by the tail or throw it like a football and watch its 9 inch tail colorfully surf the wind! Anyone can achieve stunning trick throws and amazing flights. Made with colorful and durable ripstop nylon. Air rider is a blast for ages 6 to 106!

Superdairyboy's comments: Younger children can use this as well! This is our favorite x-zylo, because it is so easy to throw. It does not fly nearly as far as the X-zylo ultra though!

$11.49 (includes shipping)
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X-Zylo Light

The X-zylo Light is a smaller version of the X-zylo Ultra. It flies up to 35 yards.

$3.49 (includes  shipping)
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Hang Glider Jack

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Hang Glider Jack

The Hang Glider Jack is a unique flying replica of a real hang glider. he folds up, launches sky high, and pops open to soar and glide to the ground. It's the only one of its kind. Soars up to 75 feet in the air.

$16.99 (includes shipping)
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Maple Seed Copter
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Maple Seed Copter

The Maple Seed Copter (tm) is designed to look and spin like a real maple seed. Easy to launch, it's not only fun but also educational! It comes with amazing facts about maple seeds! While spinning through the air, this highly colorful mono-wing shows a profile of two feet for an amazing visual effect.

$9.99 (includes shipping)
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Air Burst Rocket

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Air Burst Rockets

Air Burst was developed to provide the excitement of solid state rocket fuel without the first and at a cost of pennies rather than dollars per flight! Breakthrough membrane boosters enable the rockets to launch to five different altitudes up to 1,000 feet (clear out of sight)! Higher and faster than any other air rocket on the market, Air Burst is powered by just a few pumps from any stand-up bike pump! The system comes with two different rockets, 60 boosters and streamers for enhanced visibility!

Air Burst Rocket System
(Does NOT include a bike pump)
$32.99 (includes shipping)
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Standard Bike Pump
$21.99 (includes shipping)
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Extra Air Burst Boosters (60)
$4.99 (includes shipping)
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Extra Air Burst Rockets (2)
$9.99 (includes shipping)
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S[itwad Launcher
Spitwad Launcher

Launch red pom-poms at your friends. No spit required! Water is used to wet the pom poms, and when splatted, it sure feels like a real spitball!

This lightweight Spitwad Launcher comes with several pom-poms. The pom-poms are stored in the tube underneath the launcher's barrel.

Launcher is powered by air, blow into one end of it and the spitwad comes flying out the other end!

$15.99 (includes shipping)
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