Extreme Sports

We here at Superdairyboy seek out exciting new products. Our favorites are the extreme sports that are way beyond "the norm".
We are constantly on the lookout for all new exciting extreme sports.

We try to provide you, the customer, with as much information as possible on our products. On items as hard-to-find as ours, it is not unusual to have more questions. We will be happy to answer questions you have about any of the extreme sports stuff on our site.
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Our line of extreme sports here at Superdairyboy is expanding! We now have a wider selection of extreme sports equipment to choose from. Mountain Boards, FlyBar, Powerisers, Skimbats, Land Wave SkateBoard Ramps, All Terrain Skates, BMX Snow Bikes WOW! This is the place to check out new extreme sports! If you would like to see something we do not currently carry in our extreme sports equipment line, please make a suggestion.

MBS Mountainboards
Mountain Boards MBS

All Terrain Skateboards! One run and you're hooked...
Poweriser Kids
  Jump up to 6Ft and  run With Strides of up to 9Ft long.
For Kids And Adults.
The Skimbat / Kitewing

Simbat / Kitewing personal wingsails. Used with skiis, rollerblades, snowboards, dirtsurfers, mountain boards, etc!

Land Wave Ramp Land Wave
The Only Ramp system of its Kind ~ Build as tall as you or any way you want
  All Terrain Roller skate

TrailSkate By GateSkate
A cross between inline skates and a mountain bike... now skate anywhere! Handles downhill slopes just like skiis.

California Chariot
California Chariots
Do Wild and Amazing  Things With your own California Chariot. It's a Cross Between a Scooter, Skateboard and a Shopping Cart.
Flybar 1200
 Jump up to 6 feet in the air.
A super pogo stick for the
extreme sports enthusiast.
Tierney Rides T-board
Tierney Rides T-Board
T-boarding provides the same carving sensation as snowboarding.
Finally you can Snowboard
365 Days a  Year
Redfeatehr Snowshoes
Redfeather Snowshoes
Crafted in the Rockies
Dirtsurfer Flexi PRO

Radical 2 Wheel Downhill Action